Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fantasy Football Season is almost here!

I am a complete Fantasy Football addict. I am not ashamed of this in any way. I wish my life were like a season of The League. Sadly, my friends suck and aren't into Fantasy Football. And they're just not as cool as the folks on The League so it wouldn't work out either way.

Yahoo! Sports - Fantasy Football
Yahoo! Sports - Fantasy Football

I normally play over at Yahoo and just join random open leagues but this year I am also going to try to get a league together at work. A few of the guys here are into football and have expressed interest in joining a league so we'll see how it goes. If nothing else it will give us all something to do once the Fantasy Fishing league is over.

Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing
Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing

Yes, there is a Fantasy Fishing league. Seriously. I couldn't make that shit up. Several of the guys, along with myself, have a Fantasy Fishing league here at the office. It provides endless hours of smack-talking and we even do a little plaque/trophy for the winner. Yeah, we get bored.

Anyway, June 1st is when sign-ups are open for Yahoo Fantasy Football. I'm so effin' ready. If anyone is interested in joining a league, holler.

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