Saturday, July 14, 2012

Optical Advancement: From corrective to cool.

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Glasses have come a long way in recent years. I began wearing corrective lenses in my late teens but had worn sunglasses for years before that point. I remember my first pair of glasses very well. I absolutely hated them. They looked fine, I suppose, but the thought of having to wear them every single day was not something I was looking forward to. However, with contacts not being an option (long story) I was stuck with them. Over the years I grew to not mind them so much. Once I learned that there were other options available other than just the ones my eye doctor provided I expanded my horizons a bit.

A couple of years ago I came across a website that offered a ton of different styles of glasses at incredibly low prices. By this point I was to the stage of not only using my glasses as a corrective instrument but also as a fashion accessory. I'm not talking about matching glasses to different outfits; I'll leave that to Kanye. But I do have several different pair of glasses that I wear depending on the situation. Since I started shopping at Zenni Optical I can afford to buy several different pair of very stylish glasses for the same price that one pair used to cost me. Not only does this allow me to have a backup pair in case I break my glasses, it also allows me to have prescription sunglasses, separate reading glasses, etc.

While the styling of glasses has certainly improved over the years, so has the technology. I'm sure you've all read about Google Glasses. And since this is first and foremost a geek blog, I would be remiss to not mention them. The media has oversaturated the tech world with information on Google Glasses so I won't go into how they work; I'm sure we're all familiar. But I mention them to demonstrate just how far technology can bring us. From a simple glass lens used to magnify small objects to a pair of glasses that can keep you connected to the world in real-time. And all of this in a relatively short period of time. Technology really is amazing. Check out this Emerging Technology Info Graphic that shows a timeline of the technology that has gone into glasses since they were first invented.

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  1. There are some really good advancements coming in as far as correcting sight is concerned. Hopefully it won't be long until blindness is a thing of the past.

  2. Google Glasses are absolutely disgusting. It's cool and all, but ugh, it just doesn't feel right, and is way more vulnerable to privacy breaches. Also, expect people bumping into light posts because they're kept busy by Angry Birds on their glasses.

  3. that's going to be gnarly when everyone wears contacts (regardless of vision) for their tiny yet super fast/3D internet capabilities. The future man, crazy stuff.

  4. can't wait until we're pass the google glasses stage and have digital eye impants