Monday, September 20, 2010

Thank you to all of the geeks!

This blog has been an idea of mine for a while and a lot of planning has gone into it. I didn't expect it to grow so much so fast. I just wanted to say thank you to you all. I will do my best to make sure there is always good content here for you to read and enjoy.

If anyone has any suggestions on things I can do to make the blog better, please leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Glad to help! Keep it up:)

    On the suggestion side, play around with the themes;)

  2. I second what Sweeeeeetas said. A new theme would be cool, and maybe some pages would be good. (Contact, About Me, things like that)

    Geeks ftw btw :D

  3. Thanks for the comments, ya'll. I definitely plan on changing the theme and adding more info. I really just want to try and get some more content up right now. I will work on a different theme tonight. Thanks for checking out the blog!

  4. no problem and right about what ever is on your mind :)