Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What gadget/tool can you absolutely not live without?

I realized something today. There are a few things that I carry with me everyday that I feel absolutely lost without. The first is my phone. Not because I feel I have to be connected ALL the time but simply because the damn thing is handy. I have an Iphone (haters gonna hate) and it has a ton of useful stuff on there. I have GPS, my geocaching app, weather info, a calculator, notes, voice recorder, etc. etc. etc.

The second thing I never leave home without is my knife. I mean, come on, when are knives NOT useful? You can open boxes, pry things apart, stab people, etc. The uses are endless! I carry a Smith & Wesson M&P. It is a spring assisted knife so it is easy to open with one hand. It is a carry over from when I was a firefighter. It is an amazingly durable and reliable knife.

And last but certainly not least, the ONE item that EVERYONE should always have with them... A good Multi-Tool. These things come in a variety of options, sizes, qualities, and finishes. A good Multi-Tool can save your ass in a number of ways. I don't carry a tool kit with me all the time so when I come across some small repair I can usually just pull out the Multi-Tool and get it taken care of without having to carry a ton of different tools around. My current Multi-Tool is the SOG Power Assist. It is fairly simple as far as Multi-Tools go but it does what I need it to do; day in and day out.

So those are the three things that I absolutely cannot live without. I feel completely naked if I don't have these three things on me at all times. Now, some of you might say that carrying a knife AND a Multi-Tool is overkill. After all, most Multi-Tools have a knife in them. So is this overkill? Absolutely. I'm a MAN, dammit. Overkill is what we do. Especially geeks. And while it very well may be overkill, there really is no substitute for a high quality knife. While some Multi-Tools, such as the SOG shown above, contain pretty decent knives, they will never compare to a high-quality stand-alone knife.

Now that you know what gadgets/tools I can't live without. What is your top three?


  1. 1: My iphone (Obviously...)
    2: My wallet..can't go anywhere without it..
    3: Nothing i can think of at the moment.

    That's a sweet knife you have there. Well crafted!

  2. That knife is sick! Yea I don't carry a phone mostly but I always have a knife on me just in case.

  3. I have nothing of it, hell yeah, only laptop

  4. Those knives looks like they're from the future!

  5. 1) Phone w/internets
    2) My awesome little swissknife with a bright LED built it
    3) Device for smoking tobacco related products. It's pretty gadgety looking.

  6. I love knives. You always need them.

  7. I am going to go with my Cell (nonsmart phone :P )
    and I always carry a Multitool close by. Also Duct tape is always in the trunk of my car!

  8. I carry a knife too. There are so many situations where it comes in handy. Cops have asked me about it during stops, assuming I'm gonna stab somebody or something. I have to explain that it's simply a tool that has many uses.

  9. Hm, if I had to pick one thing, I'd say the Internet. It's been such a part of my life for so long that without any form of access..I'd just be lost.

  10. I cannot live with out google, well I can but life would be the suck... GOOGLE IS KING! lol but yeah maybe I wouldn't be able to survive with out a microwave...

  11. bruno,, You carrying a microwave with you all the time? ;)

  12. I can't live without my inhaler! Bad joke. I'll go with this:
    1. Sommelier knife
    2. Guitar string winder and cutter
    3. Herb grinder

    Fun times.

  13. 1. Phone - it's my communication, timepiece, and mp3 player.
    2. Knife - Sadly I recently lost my favorite knife of 5 years, what's worse is I can't find the model anywhere.
    3. Wallet - It's got my money, Identification, and my bus pass so I couldn't get very far without it.

  14. 1. Santoku - It's the knife I've been using for years while working in the culinary industry.
    2. Cell phone - Yeah...these are just too important for daily life now.
    3. Wallet - Pretty much what people before me have said.

  15. 1- My phone
    2- My Wallet

    I couldn't go anywhere without that, at least

  16. Three pat check.

    Phone wallet keys.


  17. Ooft. Think it would have to be my computer, probably. Phone would come a close second, I reckon.

  18. good to see you update on a regular basis.
    i've been reading your updates the whole night! keep it up

  19. This is GADGETS guys not items.
    1- Dell Streak Phone
    2- Computer/Monitor
    3- Television

  20. So I came back and realized one more thing I cannot live with out, portable energy, such as batteries and solar power and stuff like that.. hopefully you realize the importance of portable energy :D

  21. Money (lots) then phone... Great post man. Keep in touch... Look forward to more.